Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The ESV Large Print Thinline Reference Bible

     The English Standard Version Bible, which is a light revision of the Revised Standard
Version made its debut in 2001. It is published by Crossway Publishers of Wheaton,
Illinois. It was revised in 2007 and in 2011. The 2011 revision is the best text edition
of the ESV. It is available in several styles and bindings such as large print, giant print,
single column reference, and now the large print thinline reference Bible. In my judgment,
the large print thinline reference ESV is "hands down," the very best edition of the ESV
that Crossway has made available to the Bible reading public. It was published in
July 2012.

     It weighs approximately 32 ounces, is 6.125 inches wide, 9.125 inches long, and
is about 1 inch thin. The print size is 10.5! This gives the saying "a sight for sore eyes"
an all new meaning. The print is relatively dark, clear, and very readable! It is currently
available in 3 bindings; trutone, genuine leather, and top grain cowhide. All 3 bindings
are nice, but the top grain cowhide is fabulous! It is amazingly supple and fills the hand
like a charm. The large print thinline is hand friendly, light weight, and virtually perfect for
use as a preaching and teaching Bible! The top grain cowhide is a dark chocolate brown.
At a glance it almost looks black.

     It contains all the 80,000 plus references that are in the other ESV reference Bibles.
But, with a stroke of genius, the references are placed at the bottom of the page in the
large print thinline reference Bible. This enables a person to read the text without
distraction. This Bible also has the concordance and maps. The paper used in this edition
is relatively thin, but not ridiculously so.

     The only "complaint" I have regarding the large print thinline Bible is the references.
They are set in type that is quite small. In my judgment, they should have been left out
entirely or made a little larger. Nevertheless, this is not intended to detract from this
very useful edition of the ESV Bible. If you use the ESV as your main preaching and
teaching Bible, the large print thinline reference Bible is highly recommended. It is  a
practical, hand friendly, and very readable copy of God's word! Why not visit a religious
bookstore in your area and inspect a copy? You will likely find one on the shelf  "with
you name written all over it."

                                                                                                              R. Daly

Copyright 2012